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Aircraft Charter

When the urgency or sensitivity of a shipment means there is no practical alternative to arranging an aircraft charter freight service, you can depend upon The Efficient Freight Company to jump into action.

Aircraft charter can be an effective and vital alternative to using standard air freight services – but it pays to use a team that has the knowledge and know-how to research carrier availability, select the most efficient type of aircraft to use and the best possible charter prices.

From racing cars to aircraft components, from sensitive documentation to last minute deliveries -  wherever in the world your cargo needs to go - we have years of experience in handling all aspects of air cargo charter flights.

Regardless of size, weight or value, we’ll provide tailor-made, round the clock solutions to ensure your delivery gets to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

As is the nature of any special operation, we’ll look after as much or as little of the process on your behalf – coordinating and monitoring the consignment every step of the way if required.

If you have any emergency, time critical or last minute shipment that simply won’t reach their intended destination without using an effective aircraft charter service, then we’d delighted to bring our expertise into effect.