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Ancillary Services

At The Efficient Freight Company, we don’t just ship your goods around the world. Other services that we can provide include:

Bonded Warehousing

In the location most suited to your requirements. It might be advantageous to withdraw your imports and pay the taxes due when you are ready to sell your goods, rather than when they arrive at the port.

Inward and Outward Processing

Management and Control of your goods subject to processing and the suspension of import duties and taxes, is essential. We can assist with these procedures and ensure that the necessary data returns are submitted in good time to the customs authorities.


Available through our well established agency agreements overseas. If you have several different suppliers in one country it might be advantageous to group their shipments together to ship as one consignment.

Dangerous Goods

Experienced staff trained in accordance with the latest legislation to handle the safe transport of dangerous goods by all modes of transport and we can arrange the necessary packing if required.

Marine Insurance

We maintain full legal liability cover in accordance with our trading conditions as governed by our trade association, however, you are strongly advised to take out marine cover to protect your cargo in the event of loss or damage to it or indeed the carrying vessel, when you could be asked to contribute to the cost of salvage. We can advise on the various options available to you with the help of our professional marine insurance brokers represented at Lloyds.

Aircraft Charter

We have handled many cargo charter flights and have the experience and ability to organise as much or as little as is required for any special operation.

Customs Clearance

Available at all customs borders throughout the world. All necessary transit documentation can be prepared in advance on your behalf.