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Marine Insurance

At The Efficient Freight Company, we maintain full legal liability cover for all our air, sea and road freight forwarding activities, in accordance with the strict trading conditions governed by our trade association.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise our clients to take out separate marine cover to protect their cargo.  From experience, we know just how important it is to be properly prepared for all eventualities.  

Faced with unforeseen circumstances during transit, having the correct level of insurance in place could be vital.  Cover may not just be relevant to any loss or damage incurred to your own consignment, but could also apply to the carrying vessel.  As an example, in the event of a catastrophic incident, you may well be asked to contribute to the cost of its salvage.

Should you need any guidance relating to the appropriate marine insurance protection for your requirements, we are a fully authorised marine insurance broker and we hold open cover at Lloyds. This means we can issue insurance cover ourselves and are fully authorised to advise and arrange marine insurance covering all movements worldwide.  This should provide you with complete peace of mind that you and your cargo are safeguarded.


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